Permanent Threads of the Past

Contours Threads® – cogs were too long and pulled off by tension, and

Silhouette Lift® – mixed an efficient absorbable part (PGLA cones) with an inefficient permanent part (polypropylene threads with a temporal mesh).

The declared goal of these threads was to replace face lift surgery.

Result – the advice of most surgeons is that permanent threads are unreliable.

Absorbable Threads

Absorbable threads can only be considered useful when your expectations are limited.

We never see major skin improvement and all patients have been highly disappointed with the so-called lifting effect.

Limited to a light, linear biostimulatory effect disappearing after absorption.

They cannot provide a steady lifting effect even though some claim to do so and, especially with PDO, they can migrate (like some permanent threads did previously).

What is the patient demand?

A face lift replacement that lasts for years, in which case, we can forget about absorbable threads and pseudo-scientific claims.

10 Reasons To Prefer Spring Thread®

Spring Thread® has major advantages over any other cosmetic thread


Spring Thread® has similar elasticity to skin meaning it can ‘live’, lengthening and shortening, with muscle mobility preserved. The result is a natural effect.


Spring Thread® has rounded cogs pointing in four directions and very close: 24 per CM. This means no-trauma and more effective tissue anchoring.


Spring Thread® offers true tissue suspension and enables the retightening of the oval of a tired face, as an alternative to surgical face lifting, or as a useful adjunct.


Spring Thread® is made from medical grade polyester and silicone which are perfectly biocompatible materials that have been used in implants for over 50 years. It is strong, stable and inert.


Spring Thread® is permanent meaning the results are extremely long lasting (typically 3 years and more) – other threads disintegrate, losing strength and effect quickly.


With Spring Thread® there is the possibility of re-tightening after a few years, by adjusting the threads already in place.


The procedure can be performed without leaving any scarring.


Short recovery period of about 2 to 3 days.


Spring Thread® is suitable for both men and women aged from 35 years to the over 70’s.


The procedure is pain free using only local anaesthetic and, therefore, no hospitalization.


How Does Spring Thread® Compare?

Although Spring Thread® is successfully utilised for various procedures intraoperatively, it is often considered for patients not quite needing, wanting or contraindicated for surgical face lifting, or indeed, patients who have already undergone surgery some years previous and have returned to the surgeon and are asking: “what can help help me now?”

Surgical LiftingSpring Thread®
General anaesthesia Local anesthesia
InvasiveMinimally invasive
Working at deep layers
Superficial hypodermis
Skin section - cuttingSkin redistribution - no cutting
Low face and neckFull face and neck
Vascular damage and scarringUndamaged, no scarring
Complications can be permanentComplications only temporary
5 year durability3-5+ years


Spring Thread® Innovations

Spring Thread® is a perfectly biocompatible composite implant consisting of a silicone matrix that provides elasticity and flexibility, and a polyester helix core which provides resistance and control of the elasticity. It has similar elasticity to skin (20%) meaning it allows for normal and natural facial movements and expression and is not uncomfortable.

The silicone is moulded into cogs which point in four directions and very closely situated: 24 per CM. This allows for the thread to be precisely positioned for more effective tissue anchoring and no-trauma.

Quickly and easily implanted in the subcutaneous fat, Spring Thread® repositions tissue and accelerates long-term fibrosis.


The Way to Success


    I have been working with Spring Thread® for 3 years with good results. The product gives exceptional lifting and is easy to use in a consulting room. What I like most about the Spring Thread® procedure is its effectiveness, but also the safety aspect.

    It is an exceptional lifting product and easy to use in a consulting room

    What are the advantages of Spring Thread® in comparison with other threads on the market ?

    A good quality French product; an elastic, flexible thread; low extrusion; bi-directional barbs all around the thread; partially rounded barbs which can be repositioned within a few days following the procedure; good tolerance and a reasonable price

    In which cases should permanent threads be used and when should resorbable threads be used?

    The choice between resorbable and non-resorbable threads is always decided by the patient: whether they desire a long-lasting thread lifting, or whether they feel happier with a absorbable thread (then 1 or 2 years later, the patient will often turn to Spring Thread®).

    Dr Didier Angers, France

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