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Because inserting a permanent tensor thread is not a trivial matter, because the promised results are genuine and because our products are technologically advanced, training is a key factor for successful intervention and patient satisfaction.

We provide individual training to learn about all the possible Spring Thread® procedures. We come directly to your practice to do this. We will take care of your patients with one of our expert trainers and guide you in your initial interventions, explaining the various techniques and training you in how to insert the threads. Four-handed intervention and sharing experience is a highly effective way to learn.

Please send us a message to find out about individual training arrangements. We would love to hear from you.


Each distributor imports the Spring Thread® know-how into their country, while respecting the requirements of a high-quality product. This makes it possible to offer local training and train locally-based expert trainers, who in turn are able to train practitioners in the language of that country.
In this way, we can provide a trustworthy product for patients and practitioners throughout the world.


It is very important to know all about tensor threads.
As a trainer, I like the products of 1st SurgiConcept for their easy insertion and their effectiveness, but also the company’s values and its true desire to only make this product available to the best doctors and surgeons.

Dr Jean Marc Facchinetti
Aesthetic surgeon Cannes - France

I like sharing my expertise. Spring Thread® is a very high-class product that produces spectacular results. My fellow doctors and surgeons are often surprised by all the possibilities offered by Spring Thread® and the quality of the final results. Once they begin to work with these threads, they never go back to using other products.

dr max adam scherer
Dr Max Adam Scherer
Aesthetic surgeon - Russia