The Spring Thread® 

Procedure Steps

① Skin Cleansing

② Drawing

③ Disinfection

④ Anaesthesia

Disinfection + Redrawing

⑥ Thread Insertion

Final setting

⑧ Soft cleaning


With No Anatomical Risk


The thread is placed in the subcutaneous fat, before the SMAS (between 2 and 3 mm deep), but not too superficial to touch any hair follicles. Spring Thread® has a soft needle so as not to damage nerves or vessels and reduce trauma.


Simple Procedure Without Risk of Thread or Node Extrusion

The needle is presented perpendicularly to the skin and punctures about 3 mm.
Once inserted, the needle is tilted and pushed under the skin.

Laying Techniques

Procedures Used Singularly or Combined for Best Result

The best procedure is selected according to the patient profile (severity of sagging, asymmetry to correct), always choosing the most simple laying technique possible and allowing for easy adjustment with maximum safety.

Straight Laying
Straight Laying
Inversed U
Inverted U
Inversed V
Inverted V
Inversed V
Inverted V

    Why do you work with Spring Thread®?

    I work with these threads because they are permanent. I know exactly what result I will achieve and that it will be long-lasting

    What do you like most about the Spring Thread® procedure?

    I particularly like the non-traumatic, foam tipped needles which can be mounted directly onto the thread. The procedure is simpler and better tolerated than others

    What are the advantages of Spring Thread® in comparison with other threads on the market?

    The advantages are the non-traumatic, foam tipped needles, good thread tolerance and 20% elasticity, which guarantee a natural result and conserve facial expression

    In which cases should permanent threads be used and when should resorbable threads be used?

    Resorbable threads are ideal for initial procedures to reassure the patient in their choice and/or to stimulate the dermis. For a real tightening result, I use permanent threads.

    Dr Gilbert
    Dr Gilbert Amgar, Paris


Knowledge and Experience

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