An Overview

The aging process changes the main structures of the face, including skin, fat, muscles and bone structure. Skin becomes thinner, losing its plumpness and firmness.

Aged 35

Skin becomes slack with a loss of the elastic tissue (elastin) in the skin and over time this causes the skin to hang loosely.

Aged 45

Loss of fat below the skin in the cheeks, temples, chin, nose, and eye area can also result in loosening skin and a sunken eye appearance.

Aged 55

Treatment Options

Addressing The Specific Problems Of Aging

① Skin Structure Modification 

Cosmetics, Mesotherapy, Peels, Lasers, etc. can help to improve the surface of the skin and improve the visible appearance of fine lines, sun damage, pigmented areas and blemishes.

② Loss of Volume 

Traditional fillers and toxins can be injected into the face to temporarily reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and modify facial contours.

③ Skin Sagging 

Surgical Lifting or the much less aggressive ‘soft surgical’ technique of Thread Lifting, can lift and reposition tissue that has become flaccid and drooping.

What Spring Thread® Can Do

A Real and Long Lasting Lifting Effect

Spring Thread® allows for dynamic stabilisation of tissues. They can ‘live’, lengthening and shortening, with muscle mobility preserved. The result is a natural effect.

Vertical traction; Natural support of adipose tissues without modification of facial features.

Special thanks to Dr Denis Guillo and SOMEREFs

Spring Thread® Offers

Long Term Tissue Suspension

Youthful Facial Definition
Vertically lifted, tighter tissue with skin quality improvement providing a more youthful appearance.

Natural Results
Thanks to the flexible thread, you get a perfectly natural result that allows for normal facial expression and skin elasticity.

Long Term Action
Extremely long-lasting results, typically very effective for 3 years and more. Fibrosis continues to build months after initial treatment.


Courtesy of Dr Guillo, results published in Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Surgical Dermatology, December 2016



    Why do you work with Spring Thread®?

    I work with these threads because they are flexible and non-aggressive

    What are the advantages of Spring Thread® in comparison with other threads on the market?

    There are many advantages but above all, it is their flexibility which is most pleasing, especially as the barbs are non-traumatic and have a strong grip. Generally, patients are delighted with this thread implant, performed using my Easylift® technique

    In which cases should permanent threads be used and when should resorbable threads be used ?

    For a long-lasting result: permanent threads

    For a disappointing absence of results: resorbable threads

    Dr Denis Guillo
    Dr Denis Guillo Lyon, France


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