The worldwide reference for permanent thread

The worldwide reference for permanent thread

1st SURGICONCEPT  is a French company situated nearby Lille, a well known city for its dynamic economy and its industrial know-how, particularly in the medical field (EURASANTE Business Park).


The company was founded in 2007  by Jean FRISMAND, Medical Doctor and biomechanics engineer. Jean has over 25 years experience in the design and the manufacture of surgical implants, especially in Orthopedic, Visceral, Neurological surgery, and of course in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery.


FrsimanJean Frismand developed and established in 2008, the Spring Thread® wire, completely new approach in the aesthetic field. This product incorporates two biocompatible materials : the polyester as a core made by helical torsion limiting the length of the ligament under tension ; and the silicone in the form of a sheath providing the elasticity and having atraumatic but sufficient prominences to allow a strong anchoring of the thread into the tissues.



This patented bidirectional thread is simultaneously strong, flexible, elastic, and efficient without being aggressive. It comes in two versions, the smallest for the face, and a bigger one for the body.


Launched in 2008, Spring Thread® quickly became the reference thread for physicians and surgeons who are looking for their patients an effective traction, a long lasting effect, and an easy to install product with features that ensure all the necessary security to this type of implant. The Spring Thread® are medical devices (Class IIb). They are CE marked and 100% manufactured in France in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices.



DomJui2013By the beginning of 2013, Dominique Malard, already manager of a biotech company, buys 1st SurgiConcept and continues to develop the company with the support of Jean Frismand.


Today, Spring Thread®  for face and body are distributed worldwide through a network of distributors and referents practitioners for which this innovative and non invasive technique is a response to patients who are not willing or who cannot benefit of a surgical facelift.