Quality – Security – Innovation

Quality – Security – Innovation

Our Aim has always been to develop products according the requirements of practitioners and in partnership with these practitioners to better meet the demands of their patients.


The mission of 1st SurgiConcept is to provide physicians, surgeons and their patients with high quality products, providing the best possible security and having a real innovation compared to other products available on the market.


Since 2007 we are working with the aim to provide our customers and partners with products tailored to the requirements of safety and effectiveness required for surgery and aesthetic medicine. 


This work is the result of close collaboration between engineers and users’ needs. For all these exchanges (skills sharing, pooling practices), 1st SurgiConcept offers the best guarantees in terms of confidentiality and intellectual property.











At 1st SurgiConcept, we do not compromise with quality. 1st SurgiConcept quality policy applies to all areas of the company. Its core target is the satisfaction of our customers and their patients.


This quality reflex is accompanied by a systematic will to move forward. It is innovation that strengthens our business and our quality system that is driving our ambition to better serve our customers and their patients and whenever it is possible to anticipate their needs.

  The goals of this quality policy are :


  • Listening to our customers and partners to better understand their needs,
  • Develop our technical skills through constant technological vigilance,
  • Check the validity of our approach by participating in external quality assessment programs and organizing regular internal audits,
  • Effectively deal with potential non-compliances through the implementation of corrective actions,
  • Ensure effectiveness of the services working in support to research and management, in a logic of anticipating needs and optimizing the relation between performance and cost.
  • Respect the deontological, ethical and confidentiality rules related to internal and external information.


In connection with this policy, it is obvious that our products are manufactured in a controlled atmosphere, in accordance with the European standards for medical devices (Directive CE93-42 and ISO 13485 relating to Class Iib medical devices). Systematic checks during production ensure a rejection rate of less than 0.5%.



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