Treatment for Face and Body

Treatment for Face and Body

Spring Thread® over Innovation…


Due to its innovative features and to its efficiency, our product range can handle many parts of the face and body :


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Biocompatible composite material :  made of a polyester core on which is molded a medical grade silicone envelope which brings softness and elasticity for excellent product tolerance and greater comfort : disappearance of  anchorage sliding and of painful surtension.


Elasticity : provides a spring effect which compensates  the creep of classic threads and gives a dynamic effect which continues to act after implantation.


Flexibility: eases installation and avoids any risk of extrusion of the thread. Two types of threads : 0.5 mm in diameter for the face, 0.8 mm for the body.


High density of cogs and major thread length (30 cm) for excellent grip and a more precise correction.