Patients Testimony

Patients Testimony

The best way to understand the effectiveness of our product is to let our patients speak: 


Véronique, Spring Thread® Face laying, October 2015


When I turned 56, I had some skin issues. I felt like my face was “broken on the bottom”.

I couldn’t stand this sagging face anymore, I couldn’t recognize myself. 


Choosing permanent threads was an evidence for me because, as I work in the Aesthetic field, I know they are really effective.  


I chose Dr Guillo’s Easylift®  special laying method because I know this technique has been successfully proven for many years.

After the operation, it took me a while to adapt myself to my new life.

It depends on patients but generally the doctor propose antibiotics cover and suggest to take some rest during a few days.  


After 1 month, I felt really well. I learned to like my new face. 

After 3 months I was happy and after 5 months even more !!


My face is fresher, smoother. The bottom of my face is tightened. My complexion is even brighter !

I find myself prettier…



I would recommand this experience to all my friends of course ! I feel much more comfortable and serene for the future. 


The most important thing for me is not to look young again but to get old being in harmony between my body and my spirit.  


On the professional level, eveybody congratulates me for my good-looking and smooth complexion. On the personal level, my husband told me I was very pretty…    


I am very happy with the laying of Spring Thread® , I achieved my goal !  


Françoise, Spring Thread® Face laying, January 2017





How did you discover permanent threads ? 

In the past, I heard about the resorbable threads and their temporal effect. 

I discovered the permanent threads when I registered myself to a Face Workshop during the IMCAS Paris in January 17.

The Spring Thread® team made me discover the longlasting effect and the solid anchorage of their threads.


What did it change for you ?

I couldn’t stand my reflection in the mirror anymore. The sagging of my face, especially on the chin, was unbearable. 

Thanks to the Spring Thread® laying technique, I don’t have this fear to look at me in the mirror anymore. I feel much better, my moral is on the top and I really want to take care of myself. 


Is it painful ? 

During the laying, it is not really painful but yes, when the doctor pull on the threads, on the top of the head, you feel disconfort. 

You may suffer from some ecchymosis on the chin and some pain on the temples but it is really bearable. You just need to change your habits for a few days: sleeping on your back, avoiding the massages, wash your face smoothly…



Did you suffer from side effects or after effects ? 

Absolutely not


How long did it take before you feel the tensing effect ? 

I would say it took 2 weeks before you feel completely comfortable and natural. 

But, my people around me told me immediatly I was looking younger. 


Are you satisfied ?

I am more than satisfied, I am delighted ! 

This rejuvenate treatment has changed my daylife. The moral is better !

Looking at myself in the mirror and see a pleasant happy and pretty face gives energy to take care of myself.


Would you recommend this treatment to a friend ?

Yes, Absolutely. This product is a real discovery. 

I have noticed on friends, younger than me, some important sagging that could be treated with the same Spring Thread® treatment. 


Would you treat body parts as well ? 

If the results are as impressive as on my face, I would be delighted to place Spring Thread® wherever I can.  



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