Spring Thread: A unique tensing thread

Spring Thread: A unique tensing thread



 The French Aesthetic solution !


Did you know there is an innovative and non-surgical solution to brighten up your beauty in no time and for a long time ?


Spring Thread® cosmetic thread is the result of long years of research and is an effective answer to reduce the sagging of facial skin in the long term. 


100% made in France, this next-generation cosmetic solution will help your face regain its youthful appearance, in safety and with a guaranteed natural look. 


Restore your youth in the blink of an eye !

Spring Thread® is an exclusive and patented solution; it supports and shapes tissue, so the face will no longer seem static. The effect is natural and full of life, as the suppleness of the skin and tissuesis retained. The threads are colorless and can be fitted quickly and easily without leaving any scars.


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