SpringThread is rising. From Paris to the World !  IMCAS 2017

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Once again and for the 7th year, 1stSurgiConcept will attend IMCAS 2017 in Paris from 26 to 29 of January.

We will be happy to welcome you at our Booth n°58 to present our one-and-only product:

SpringThread®, the french Thread

Our thread is unique in more than one way: first of all it is 100% french manufactured. Each stage of manufacture is controlled perfectly to guarantee you a high-end quality product. The CE Marking(class IIb) as well as the compliance with the standard EN ISO13485 are proof of the seriousness given to its production.
Today, It’s the only permanent thread in the market made with perfectly biocompatible materials. Its long-lasting structure will allow your patients to forget about it for many years.

For the first time, 1stSurgiConcept will participate to various events during the Imcas and outside the Congress too.

Please note the following events:

26/01: 3:00PM session 038 Room 6. “Suspending Devices” with the participation of 1st SurgiConcept President Dominique Malard.  


26/01: session 31  Room 4. “Thread Session Lectures”

with the intervention of SpringThread® Users:

5PM: Dr Alexander TURKEVYCH “Suspending Threads, Evidence-based trial”

5:40PM: Dr Tatsuro KAMAKURA “Techniques of fixated and semi-fixated thread lift – Combination Treatment


28/01: 5:15PM blue courtyard room. “A successful wedding or How to asociate Threads and Fillers” Conference by Surgeon Jacques-André David.

29/01: 20-minutes live-demo operated by Doctor Dubois on patient’s eyebrows. Lecture by Dominique Malard.


On Friday 27 of January, aside IMCAS events, 1stSurgiConcept organizes a Masterclass for New Users to learn the basics of SpringThread® layings for Face.

Operated by Doctor Jacques-André David, maxilofacial surgeon and Doctor Didier Dubois, dermatologist with the expertise of Doctor Hussam Sayed, Middle East Official Trainer.

After a Conference about “SpringThread®: The ways to success”, the participants will follow 2 courses of face laying, on live-demo.

A unique opportunity in one of the biggest and top-level clinics in Paris: The Clinique du Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, Paris.

click here for more info on the SpringThread Master Class

SpringThread is rising, from Paris, to the World !  

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