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To better understand the effects of aging on skin quality, we can define behavioral aging according to four types of skin:

  • Urbanized skin,
  • Overexposed skin,
  • Malnourished skin,
  • And overworked skin.

Each of these has obvious signs of behavioral skin aging.

For example, a person living in a highly polluted city (or a smoker) will have the gray complexion of skin that does not breathe enough.

Overexposed skin will be dull, thicker, marked and with pigment spots.

Poorly nourished skin is easily identifiable by its texture (enlarged pores, imbalance between oily and dry areas).

What are the factors involved? Too many processed products, lack of fresh food, alcohol consumption, ill-adapted and overly aggressive cosmetic routines. Not to mention sugar, a confirmed enemy of skin’s youthfulness…

In this innovative approach to skin aging, aesthetic medicine will have to establish a customized protocol to repair damaged skin but also propose solutions to improve the face, such as the use of tensor threads.

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